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osrs Bounty Hunter Reward Distribution

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Napisano 22 marzec 2019 - 09:51:03

We had the very best intentions with Bounty Hunter, but over time the RS team realised that the minigame was just not fun to play. So they decided remove Bounty Hunter from the game, but don’t worry – all the content that was previously tied to Bounty Hunter will be redistributed throughout the game. Additionally, you can buy RS07 gold from our site all the time.
Rewards that could formerly only be obtained through Bounty Hunter are now accessible by the following means:
Amulet of the Forsaken
The Amulet of the Forsaken is now a super rare drop from the barrows reward chest.
Bounty Emblems
Bounty Emblems can now be upgraded using slayer bounty potential, and will no longer be upgraded randomly. You can check how much potential you need to upgrade by right clicking the emblem in your inventory.
Bounty teleport
Since there is no longer a bounty hunter zone to teleport to, the bounty teleports have been removed from the game. All bounty hunter points spent on teleports will be refunded.
Revenant Pet
The revenant pet has been removed from Mandrith’s shop and is now a rare drop from revenants. Each time you get the drop, you unlock the next tier pet as a potential drop. Rarity increases with each tier.
Ogre Flask
Ogre Flasks can now be crafted using 10 robust glass, and will hold up to 6 doses of ogre spa pool waters instead of just 1. You’ll need to have completed the quest ‘As a First Resort’ and have level 89 crafting in order to craft ogre flasks.
Ancient warriors’ equipment patch
When killing revenants on a slayer task, they will now have the chance to drop the ancient warriors’ equipment patch. Unlike other ancient warrior gear, the patch will not be dropped by chaos elementals.
Rune pouches
Rune Pouches can now be crafted from materials found in the Abyss. While runecrafting in the Abyss, you’ll obtain magical threads which can be used to create both small and large rune pouches. The rate of obtaining threads scales alongside runecrafting level and will be affected by the effects of the Demonic Skull. The small pouch uses 30 threads and requires 55 runecrafting to craft. The large pouch uses 100 threads and requires 90 runecrafting to craft.
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